ke electric crack down against electricity theft september 2023

Cracking Down on Electricity Theft: KE Uncovers 24,000 Cases

ke electric crack down against electricity theft september 2023 1

In a determined effort to stop electricity theft, Karachi Electric (KE) has taken strong action that’s making a big impact across the country. In the month of September alone, they found nearly 24,000 cases of people using electricity illegally, leading to a considerable increase in the number of KE duplicate bills issued.

This is a huge number, equivalent to a whopping 40 million units of stolen electricity. As the campaign led by the caretaker Minister for Energy gains more support, we’re going to explore this intense fight against theft that’s making headlines all over Pakistan.

Karachi Electric (KE) has always been committed to maintaining a secure network and reducing the impact of electricity theft. In 2023, their distribution teams conducted over 14,000 drives to remove illegal connections, averaging about 60 operations daily across the city.

They successfully eliminated over 130,000 kilograms of these illegal connections, known as ‘kundas.’

In line with the directives of the Government of Pakistan and Government of Sindh, KE worked closely with civil administration and law enforcement agencies.

They’ve filed 759 First Information Reports (FIRs) at various local police stations against severe cases of electricity theft, involving unauthorized hydrants, generator and kunda mafias, and individuals using electricity unlawfully. These efforts led to the recovery of PKR 41.5 million.

Moreover, KE has received PKR 192 million in payments from over 500 customers who were caught stealing electricity but chose to settle their bills before an FIR was lodged.

Electricity theft not only compromises the network’s safety but also impacts the overall loss profile of an area, potentially leading to more frequent power outages. KE understands that customers’ ability to pay their bills may be affected by current economic conditions.

To help customers clear their dues and obtain legal connections, the company is setting up facilitation camps throughout the city. Customers can visit these camps, as well as KE Customer Care Centers, to address their outstanding bills.

KE’s spokesperson has also emphasized the crucial role of elected and area representatives in promoting a culture of timely bill payment and discouraging power theft, as these efforts are essential to ensure a continuous and reliable power supply. If you’re interested in K-Electric Online Bill Payment, click here to learn more about this convenient service.

About K Electric

K-Electric (KE) has a long history in Pakistan, dating back to its incorporation in 1913 under the name KESC. In 2005, it underwent a significant transformation when it was privatized. Today, KE stands as the sole vertically integrated utility company in Pakistan, providing electricity across a vast area covering 6,500 square kilometers, encompassing Karachi and its neighboring regions.

A substantial majority of the company’s shares, approximately 66.4%, are listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) and are owned by KES Power.

This entity represents a consortium of investors with a global footprint, including Aljomaih Power Limited from Saudi Arabia, National Industries Group (Holding) from Kuwait, and the Infrastructure and Growth Capital Fund (IGCF).

Notably, the Government of Pakistan also holds a minority stake of approximately 24.36% in the company.

This unique blend of private and government ownership signifies KE’s importance in providing electrical services to a significant part of Pakistan, ensuring the electricity needs of a diverse population are met.

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