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NEPRA Schedules Public Hearing for Consumer Service Manual Amendments

Electricity users, take note!

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) is inviting you to a public discussion on December 19, 2023, on some exciting updates that could make getting and managing your power connections much easier.

However, the NEPRA public hearing is a vital step in ensuring that the voices of all stakeholders are heard in the decision-making process that affects the provision and regulation of electric power services.

NEPRA is taking strides toward not only improving the efficiency and availability of electric power but also ensuring consumer interests are addressed transparently and effectively.

Here are the contact details and NEPRA conducted schedule for people hearing.

Key Amendments Proposed

NEPRA is proposing Amendments to consumer service, and they want your input.

  • Fast-Track New Connections: Soon, you might be able to speed up your new electricity connection by opting for an urgent service against an additional fee.
  • Multiple Connections Made Easy: If you own a building or complex, getting multiple connections could become a breeze.
  • Flexible Bill Payments: Struggling to pay your bill all at once? NEPRA is considering allowing you to pay in installments, with a small markup.
  • Fair Charges for Unfair Usage: To deter electricity theft, NEPRA is looking to revise how they bill for unauthorized usage.

How to Participate NEPRA Public Hearing

To participate in NEPRA proceedings:

  1. Visit NEPRA website for schedule and agenda details.
  2. Register to attend by contacting NEPRA’s Registrar if required.
  3. Attend the hearing in person or via the provided online link.

NEPRA Public Hearing Time Schedule

NEPRA believes in listening to you, the consumer. They’re hosting a public hearing, and here’s what NEPRA public hearing scheduled time and date for you:

  • Date for Your Diary: December 19, 2023, Tuesday
  • Time to Tune in: 2:30 PM
  • Place to Be: NEPRA Head Office, Islamabad, or join online via Zoom.

The full details of these proposed updates are on NEPRA’s website. If you’ve got opinions, suggestions, or concerns, this is your chance to be heard.

NEPRA Contact Details

For more information or to express your interest in the public hearing, get in touch with NEPRA:

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