SSGC Cracks Down on Gas Theft in Sindh

SSGC Cracks Down on Gas Theft in Sindh: Over 144,000 CM/YR Unearthed in Recent Raids

In recent crackdowns across Sindh, Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) has made significant strides in curbing gas theft, unearthing a staggering volume of around 144,000 cubic meters per year. Raids conducted by SSGC’s various departments including the Customer Relations Department (CRD) and Security Services and Counter Gas Theft (SS & CGTO) Operations Wing have resulted in the disconnection of numerous illegal connections and the apprehension of culprits.

SSGC Cracks Down on Gas Theft in Sindh

From Liaquatabad to Sukkur, and Hyderabad to Larkana, SSGC’s relentless efforts have led to the dismantling of illegal connections, removal of rubber pipes, and repairing of feeder mains (FMs) to thwart gas theft attempts. These SSGC duplicate bill operations have not only prevented revenue loss for SSGC but also ensured the safety and fair distribution of gas resources in the region.

The company’s proactive approach, coupled with joint operations with law enforcement agencies, underscores its commitment to combat gas theft effectively. With FIRs lodged against perpetrators and appropriate claims raised, SSGC continues its mission to safeguard gas infrastructure and uphold the rule of law, ultimately benefiting legitimate consumers and the community at large.

Significant Sui Gas Theft Disruptions Across Sindh

In a series of decisive actions, Sui Gas Company has uncovered and disrupted major instances of gas theft across Sindh. With a relentless pursuit of those engaged in illegal activities, SSGC’s efforts have brought to light alarming volumes of gas theft, totaling approximately 144,000 cubic meters per year.

SSGC Cracks Down on Gas Theft in Sindh

Spanning various regions including Liaquatabad, Sukkur, Hyderabad, and beyond, SSGC’s multidisciplinary approach has yielded significant results. Through coordinated raids led by specialized teams such as the Customer Relations Department (CRD) and the Security Services and Counter Gas Theft (SS & CGTO) Operations Wing, numerous illegal connections and mechanisms facilitating theft have been dismantled and rendered ineffective.

Working in tandem with law enforcement agencies, including SSGC Police, the company has ensured swift legal action against offenders. FIRs have been lodged, and appropriate claims are being pursued to recover losses incurred due to gas theft. This robust response underscores SSGC’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the integrity of its distribution network.

By disrupting gas theft operations and promoting accountability, SSGC is not only safeguarding its resources but also safeguarding the interests of legitimate consumers. These efforts contribute to a fair and transparent gas distribution system, ultimately benefiting communities across Sindh.


In conclusion, SSGC’s proactive measures against gas theft in Sindh stand as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to integrity and accountability. Through coordinated raids and joint operations with law enforcement, significant disruptions have been achieved, uncovering substantial volumes of gas theft and ensuring legal action against perpetrators.

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