KE's Loadshedding Regime Stays Unchanged and Reliable

KE’s Loadshedding Regime Stays Unchanged and Reliable

KE's Loadshedding Regime Stays Unchanged and Reliable

K-Electric (KE), one of Pakistan’s leading electric utility companies, has recently announced a significant update regarding its loadshedding regime. While assuring that the majority of its network remains unaffected, the company is highlighting shifts in the duration of loadshedding in certain areas.

The loadshedding schedule, effective as of October 1, 2023, was amended following a comprehensive review of KE’s network, comprising over 2,000 feeders. The purpose of this review was to address concerns related to electricity theft and unpaid K-electric bills. The previous network assessment was conducted in July 2023.

KE’s spokesperson commented on the update, stating, “We periodically assess our network to accurately identify the loss profile of different areas. Our approach is to grant reductions or exemptions in loadshedding for areas with lower losses. Remarkably, approximately 71% of our network falls into this category. In these areas, KE is dedicated to providing uninterrupted power.”

This approach highlights KE’s commitment to ensuring a consistent power supply in regions where losses are under control. The company recognizes that this is a crucial element in meeting the electricity needs of its diverse customer base.

The areas that have witnessed improvements include the “Diamond City” feeder, which serves the Diamond City Project and Maymar Sector-S. This feeder reported a significant reduction in losses, resulting in a four-hour decrease in the duration of loadshedding. Similarly, the “Falak Naz Plaza” feeder, supplying power to Falak Naz Center, Faisal Center, O.T Hospital, and nearby areas near the airport, has seen a six-hour reduction in load-shedding.

While these improvements are encouraging, KE also acknowledges the challenges that persist in other areas. Certain regions are facing increased loadshedding hours due to a rise in electricity theft or difficulties associated with bill payments. These challenges often correlate with macroeconomic conditions and government-mandated increases in the price of electricity.

For example, areas like Liaquat Chowk and Gulshan-e-Zia in Orangi, served by the “Bismillah Chowk” feeder, have reported increased losses, resulting in longer loadshedding hours. Similarly, the “P&T” colony feeder, which supplies power to P&T Colony and Chandio Village in Gizri, has recorded higher losses, leading to increased loadshedding.

To address these challenges, KE has initiated the implementation of stricter governance measures in line with the regulations outlined by the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) for the entire power sector. These measures are aimed at mitigating losses due to electricity theft and enhancing the overall efficiency of the network.

Furthermore, in line with the nationwide efforts against electricity theft, KE is closely collaborating with the Government of Sindh and law enforcement agencies to ensure that those involved in electricity theft are penalized by the law. This collaborative approach is essential to deter illegal practices and promote adherence to legal regulations in the electricity sector.

While KE strives to improve the electricity supply in areas with increased losses, they are also committed to monitoring these regions closely until the next review. The company’s spokesperson emphasized that “free electricity” cannot be provided if bill payments remain low or continue to decline. This underscores the importance of regular bill payments in sustaining the power supply and ensuring fair and efficient energy distribution.

KE recognizes the need to work together with area representatives to promote a culture of timely KE bill payment and discourage power theft. To achieve this goal, the company consistently organizes facilitation camps with area representatives. These camps provide customers with the opportunity to clear their dues and obtain legal connections, fostering a sense of responsibility and compliance with legal regulations.

KE’s pledge is clear:

KE is fully committed to supporting those who are willing to collaborate with the company in eradicating power theft. This collaboration is a crucial step toward improving the power supply across the region, ensuring that customers receive reliable and uninterrupted electricity services.

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